The QuickSnap® Replaceable Cat Scratcher

Replaceable. Reusable. Stunning Design.

Easy Replacements*

Scratching pad replacements available in sisal, carpet and seagrass.

Feline Ready

Fun cat hammock and arch-shaped design.

Beautiful Design

High quality wood finishes.
Patent No. US D816,922 S
Patent No. US D871,688 S

Easy Replacements. Beautiful Design.

With our innovative ‘QuickSnap’ Replacements, it’s easy to switch out scratching pads at any time!
With three materials to choose from, it’s great for daily stimuli…and an excellent cost saver when pads wear out!*

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Why buy a ‘normal’ cat scratcher if it will only get destroyed?

We asked ourselves that too! That’s why we created the QuickSnap Replaceable Cat Scratcher – utilizing three core values:

Easy Replacements.  High Quality Materials.  Beautiful Design.

Enjoy the best of design and function!

With the QuickSnap Replaceable Cat Scratcher, we combined high-end materials, design, and function – all-in-one!

With over half-an-inch of wood thickness – attractive wood finishes – and three (3) interchangeable scratching pads (sisal, carpet, seagrass), the QuickSnap Cat Scratcher is a great fit for any living room and feline companion!


Highlighted Features


The use of high-quality wood for our scratcher base allows the QuickSnap Replaceable Cat Scratcher to complement any interior aesthetic – unlike the traditional fuzzy pole scratcher.


Our all-new QuickSnap feature allows users to simply remove worn-out scratching material and replace it, instead of having to purchase an entirely new scratcher. Replacement pads are available in sisal, carpet and seagrass!

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With a fun hammock and beautiful design. The QuickSnap Replaceable Cat scratcher is ready for action!  (hammock only fits small cats!)

Individual Unit & Bundle

The QuickSnap Replaceable Cat Scratcher is available in two combinations: individually, and as a bundle (scratcher + set of 3 replacement pads). Replacement pads are also sold individually and in a discounted ‘bundled set’!


-1x QuickSnap Replaceable Cat Scratcher (scratcher base + 1 pre-attached sisal pad + hammock)

(extra replacement pads / different pad materials sold separately)

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-1x QuickSnap Replaceable Cat Scratcher (scratcher base + 1 pre-attached sisal pad + hammock)
-1x Sisal Replacement Pad
-1x Carpet Replacement Pad
-1x Seagrass Replacement Pad

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Replacement Pads (Individual)

Replacement pads are available in sisal, carpet and seagrass (sold individually).

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Replacement Pads (Bundled, Set of 3)

We also offer a discounted replacement set – on a set of 3 pads (consisting of: 1x sisal pad, 1x carpet pad, 1x seagrass pad)!

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“Thank Goodness”

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what people are saying!

The Conscious Cat

Cat Blogger

“Feline Innovations’ new take on the cat scratcher goes beyond what you normally find in scratchers, creating not only a beautiful piece of cat scratching furniture, but one that brings much needed replacement functionality forward, significantly extending the life of the cat scratcher.

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Online Pet Magazine

“This is, by far, the most attractive cat scratcher on the market and is so unique in design (rather than the less than desirable scratch pads and poles). The arch design is cool-looking and provides a sturdy base for cats to scratch against, play under, or even lay on top of. There is an added trim at the peak of the arch which gives it a subtle, yet sleek, hourglass effect when viewed from the top.”

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The Pet Blog Lady

Cat Blogger

“Beautifully designed, innovative functionality, and long lasting value. We deem the QuickSnap® Replaceable Cat Scratcher a must-have for your upcoming accessory purchases and gifting for holidays, birthdays, and other occasions!”

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